Brief description

NATI00NS is assisting the EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe” through part of its first ‘induction and pilot’ phase (2021 – 2025), where the implementation structures and resources for achieving the Mission will be deployed in the Member States (MS), Associated Countries (AC), regions and sectors. The Mission aims at establishing an effective network of 100 regional Living Labs and Lighthouses (LLs).

NATI00NS acts as a messenger of the Mission, conveying the main awareness-raising messages to national and regional stakeholders across European countries, providing access to capacity-building materials and information, spurring the discussions on the best LL setups to address regional soil needs, and fostering early matchmaking for cross-regional LL clusters. The project is executing two open calls for high-quality applications, funding the first two waves of LL networks which can lead the way in the system change boosted by the Mission.

NATI00NS synergises with the PREPSOIL project, in which Trust-IT is also involved.

Oct 2022 to Sep 2024 Ongoing
Research Data Infrastructures


Our role

Trust-IT acts as Event Supervisor, leading the largest block of work in NATI00NS, as well as the most critical for the adequate fulfillment of the project objectives. Two consecutive rounds of events are going to be held in Q1 and Q4 of 2023, before the LL Open Calls. A total number of 44 countries (27 MS and 17 AC) will be covered in each round, featuring a mix of hybrid, physical and digital events held in the national languages to allow for the highest outreach.

Trust-IT also provides the consortium with its proprietary software package TRUST-VIRTUALEVENTS, a solution that can support both fully virtual and hybrid events of varying complexity. In addition, our responsibilities include the operation and management of the helpdesk, a key channel to monitor user satisfaction, as well as support in the delivery of capacity-building webinars.

In collaboration with the affiliated entity COMMpla, Trust-IT co-develops and manages the NATI00NS branding and online presence, including the project website, social media channels, and other digital materials.


NATI00NS plans and carries out outreach activities to prepare regional and national stakeholders seen as potential actors to apply for and implement soil health LLs, facilitating the deployment of the Mission across European regions, in close collaboration with the Mission Secretariat, the upcoming European LL network coordination and other projects under the Mission.

  • 2 open calls for soil health LLs
  • 2 rounds of 44 national events

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