Brief description

OntoCommons lays the foundation for interoperable and standardised data documentation across all domains related to materials and manufacturing.
This will facilitate data sharing across domains and push data-driven innovation to bring out a Digital Single Market and new business model, for European industry to meet the opportunities of digitalisation and sustainability challenges.

It is possible to group the project objectives in three main ones:

  • OBJ 1 – Community Development:  Establishment and engagement of stakeholders (both EU and non-EU) for the collection of existing resources and tools for data storage and possible bottleneck identification of the same; 
  • OBJ 2 – Ontology Commons EcoSystem: Development and delivery of a ready to use Ontology Commons EcoSystem (OCES) for data documentation. A wide range of EU stakeholders will be coordinated for the development of OCSE that includes:
    • a set of ontologies;
    • tools following specific standardisation rules.
  • OBJ 3 – Demonstrators: Development and delivery of demonstration cases based on the OCES which will cover several topics.

OCES will provide a sustainable approach to harmonised data documentation through ontologies, making the data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable).

The OCES development will be supported and guided by demonstration cases with strong industrial involvement covering a wide range of NMBP application domains, and stakeholders’ feedback loops to prove its effectiveness in accelerating data-driven innovation.


Nov 2020 to Oct 2023
Big Data
Data Management
ICT Standards
International Cooperation & Networking
Policy & Analysis
Research Data Infrastructures

Our role

OntoCommons will achieve its objectives through a set of activities, organised in Work Packages and consistent with its CSA nature, building on communication, networking, coordination and cooperation between EU and international stakeholders connected with relevant National, European and international projects, initiatives and bodies (included standards organisations) facilitating the access to the available state of the art and emerging tools and solutions as well as the harmonisation of already existing EU funded initiatives, making efficient use of EU resources.

Trust-IT is highly motivated in further strengthening its presence in the AI, cloud provisioning, ICT standardisation, EOSC, and HPC areas, enriching its know-how in ICT-intensive domains, key to OntoCommons. Trust-IT's plan, within OntoCommons, is to consolidate its positioning as an organisation of innovators and evangelists, expanding its dissemination and communication services, with the related software tools & platforms. This will be synergistic also with other company's core capabilities and connections in the broader ICT domain, including interaction with key European & global players on different ICT DSM topics, including cybersecurity & ICT standardisation.

Trust-IT leads the activity around “OntoCommons Dissemination, Exploitation & Sustainability”, delivering and maintaining a Communication, & Dissemination Plan and Strategy for pan-European roll-out of OntoCommons, in order to maximise the project's impact through dedicated activities of communication, dissemination, exploitation, effective stakeholder engagement, contributing policy through an OntoCommons Roadmap (specifically in the scope of WP1).
Moreover, in line with its exploitation activities it leads the task dedicated to Specifications, support to international standardisation TCs & WGs & Cooperation in WP1 being the prime contractor for the 2023 project that deals with ICT Standardisation and delivering an OntoCommons Standardisation Impact report.

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