Brief description

The SNS OPS project supports the Smart Networks Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) operations to facilitate the activities of the European SNS Initiative, as outlined in the SNS contractual EU Partnership. This includes:

  • Support for the European Partnership for SNS and the related organisation through cross-SNS projects coordination.
  • Organisation of the SNS as a coherent programme with clear links to the 6G Infrastructure Association and the EC via the partnership board and the JU Office and their strategic policies.
  • Maximised output and exploitation of SNS projects results in key domains (e.g., standardisation, spectrum) through managed cooperation between projects on horizontal issues.
  • Inter-JU coordination and joint actions.

SNS OPS also orchestrates and organises strategic activities to capture and promote the European view on 6G, the achievements of the 6G SNS and will start the process of monitoring the development and impact of these results on the evolution of 6G in Europe over the period of life of the 6G SNS initiative.

This work will also look to the future and consider what additional actions are necessary to maintain the European momentum and leadership in 6G and facilitate the uptake of 6G by the European vertical sectors.

During the life SNS OPS, the SNS JU will be launching and expanding its first phase activities and preparing for subsequent phases.

Jan 2023 to Mar 2025 Ongoing
5G / 6G

Our role

Within SNS-OPS, Trust-IT will take a leadership role in the Pre-Standardization WG, develop and evolve the Standards Tracker for verticals and the SNS JU. It will lead vertical sector engagement, drawing on the impacts of the 5G user event series and consolidated network. It will support the work on 6G network KPIs and KVIs and the impact analyses. It will also serve as a champion across the above activities as well as cybersecurity as a member of ECSO, contributing to its WGs on SMEs and critical infrastructures, coupled with a solid portfolio of cybersecurity funded projects (CSAs, R&Is, IAs).

Trust-IT leads the task T4.2 “Vertical & complementary domains engagement” and contributes to: 

  • T1.1: SNS progress assessment
  • T4.3 SME and entrepreneurship promotion and support
  • T4.4 Working Group coordination


  • Enhancement of 6G SNS Vision
  • Measurable Programme Progress and KPIs/KVIs
  • Maintaining the holistic view of progress on implementing SNS and 6G in Europe
  • Widespread dissemination of European achievements
  • Growing the 6G SNS constituency
  • Supporting early exploitation of results
  • Supporting relevant SDGs and Policies


The main results, once delivered, will include: 

  • Support for the Smart Networks Services (SNS) institutionalised European partnership and cross-SNS projects coordination.
  • A Europe-wide platform addressing the communication network technologies and systems in the context of 6G global developments.
  • Identification of strategic research and innovation orientations, coordination of R&I results/initiatives at EU scale including Member State-level initiatives, organisation of Europe's contribution to standards, and the identification of international cooperation priorities across key regions.
  • Organisation of the SNS as a coherent programme with clear links to the 6G Infrastructure Association and the EC via the partnership board and the JU Office and their strategic policies.
  • Common technical papers showing the work and consensus of the SNS projects.
  • Maximised output and exploitation of SNS project results in key domains 
  • Inter JU coordination and joint actions
  • Alignment with Cybersecurity strategy
  • Periodic update of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for SNS
  • A yearly achievements report

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