Brief description

The EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe” aims to pioneer, showcase, and accelerate the transition to healthy soils by 2030, supporting the long-term commitments at the European and global level within the Green Deal and Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, the EU-funded Framework Partnership “SOILL – Support Structure for SOIL Living Labs“, will support, coordinate, expand, and promote the creation of 100 Living Labs and Lighthouses providing support actions for capacity building, knowledge exchange, promotion, and regular monitoring.  The ultimate goal is to accelerate the creation and uptake of solutions by land managers, showcase measurable increases in soil health, and improve social capital and citizen awareness. 


Our Role

As leader of the Work Package dedicated to communication, dissemination and outreach, Trust-IT will oversee the outreach and dissemination activities, coordinating a team of partners to ensure proper dialogue and visibility with the nascent Living Labs, outreach with key stakeholders and engagement of Mission-related initiatives in Europe. Trust-IT will also provide the company’s expertise to design and develop the public Website for the initiative.



  • Fostering a network: We're supporting the network of 100 Soil Health Living Labs and Lighthouses across Europe. These hubs will serve as real-world examples, showcasing innovative approaches and accelerating the transition towards healthy soils.
  • Providing dedicated support: We go beyond just creating the network. SOILL-Startup offers the Living Labs and Lighthouses a comprehensive framework of support, including capacity building, knowledge exchange, promotion, and regular monitoring. This ensures they have the tools and resources to thrive. 
  • Facilitating collaboration: SOILL-Startup acts as a facilitator, fostering collaboration between the Living Labs/Lighthouses, key stakeholders, and various projects contributing to the 2030 goal.


The SOILL project has received funding from the European Union's Framework Partnership under the Grant Agreement No. 101112782.


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