Brief description

With the strength and skillset acquired over the years of working with other related scientific research infrastructures, Trust-IT has been entrusted with delivering the new, evolved website for EPOS and aligning it with the implementaton plan of EPOS ERIC 2021: ERICs and ESFRIs need to move from the pilot to the implementation phase where results, usually serve multiple communities, need a compelling value proposition.

Trust-IT will apply its knowledge and expertise gained from many years in the field of developing complex, forward-looking web platforms to support communicating science to international and sophisticated audiences, having been a part of the successful activities that led to the development of the EPOS ERIC website in the incubation period of the Horizon 2020 initiative.


Oct 2020 to Jul 2021 Ongoing
Capacity building and Training
Custom Software
Digital Marketing & Communication
Graphics & Promotion
Web-based Solutions

Our role

Through WP4, Trust-IT Services will lead the way in terms of design, web development and capacity building, to ensure that EPOS ERIC has all that’s required to have an outstanding online presence both now and in the future.

  • This will be done through a combination of project management, comprehensive training, the provision of the website and progressive web app visuals, a UX design approach and the delivery of cutting-edge back-end web design. A collaborative approach will be taken with regards to the website structure and content, to provide EPOS ERIC with Trust-IT’s years of experience and expertise, meanwhile ensuring that EPOS ERIC’s unique set of needs are precisely met.
  • Complimentary services also agreed upon will include the design and development of a progressive web app, implementing a single sign-on function with the EPOS intranet, which Trust-IT services delivered in mid-2020 and transferring the website to Drupal 9.

At every step of the way, Trust-IT aims to deliver the highest quality and world-leading standards, as identified through its benchmarking process and as required by an organisation of such high calibre.