Brief description

EUDAT - European Research Data Services, Expertise & Technology Solutions - with a vision to enable European researchers and practitioners from any research discipline to preserve, find, access, and process data in a trusted environment, as part of a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) conceived as a network of collaborating, cooperating centres, combining the richness of numerous community-specific data repositories with the permanence and persistence of some of Europe’s largest scientific data centres. During its life as an EU project, EUDAT worked with more than 30 scientific communities and built a suite of five integrated services – B2DROP, B2SHARE, B2SAFE, B2STAGE & B2FIND – aiming at assisting them in resolving their grand challenges.
In April 2018, EUDAT CDI became a legal entity with Trust-IT being retained as its marketing and communications agency.

Jul 2013 to Feb 2018
Cloud Strategies
Data Management
ICT Standards
Research Data Infrastructures

Our role

Trust-IT was involved in the communications, outreach and training activities and has been instrumental in the B2 service branding and dissemination, developing and implementing the communications strategy including the creation of A-Z service specific service packages. Trust-IT also produced the EUDAT Animated video.


  • Better research data management practices in Europe
  • Reduced need for costly on-premise data centres and infrastructure to manage research data
  • Eestablishment of a new sustainable pan-European e-infrastructure for research data management services

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