Brief description

Standards are at the core of a resilient European single market enabling companies to demonstrate compliance with EU regulations, creating a level playing field for businesses, and increasing consumer confidence. Transferring R&I results to a standards-setting organisation further extends exploitation by spurring innovation. This ensures the uptake and wider use of new technologies and inventions, guaranteeing interoperability and compatibility, providing quality and safety levels, and codifying knowledge in clear and specific ways.

For newcomers to the field, the path towards standardisation is often difficult to navigate and costly. The 24-month, EU-funded, European Standardisation Booster,, launched this April will provide expert services to Research and Innovation (R&I) projects to help them tackle this path and increase the impact and exploitation of project results by contributing to the creation or revision of standards. is managed by a small yet skilled consortium of Partners with extensive experience in the Standardisation landscape.

Apr 2022 to Mar 2024 Ongoing
ICT Standards & SW Excellence

Our role

COMMpla, the coordinating partner, along with its affiliate partner Trust-IT, will bring proven experience and a strong network in the standardisation arena, as well as consolidated expertise in the operational and technical management of complex international projects to the initiative and, will lead knowledge and IPR and ethics. This will include:

Design & implementation of the facility at the centre of  the initiative

COMMpla and Trust-IT will provide a tailor-made online platform and resources for standardisation experts in Europe to advise 1,000 Horizon Europe and H2020 projects on how best their research results can lead to the revision or creation of standards. The services and training modules will help projects assess the standardisation readiness of their results and match them up with experts in the field who can guide them on how these results can feed into standardisation working groups or technical committees.

Online tool for Automated service and training courses

COMMpla and Trust-IT will develop an online tool to provide a matrix of the state of readiness of projects for standardisation, such as for instance the Business Model Canvas (BMC). Moreover, the following support will be provided:

  • Information on training and courses in standardisation, e.g., how to gain influence, modus operandi of the standards community, how to develop a standard, how standards and innovation are connected;
  • Bot and chat functions for the projects, plus a Help Desk service with a response time of 2 business days.

Community Building

COMMpla and Trust-IT ensure consistent and content-rich communication and dissemination of results to its relevant stakeholders, by using multiple integrated communication tools, for the roll-out of the services and demonstrating impact in the European Standardisation. This is done through a “Stakeholder engagement” and “Communication, dissemination and exploitation” plan which covers several communication activities: branding, communication materials (flyers, videos, posters, amongst others), website, social media channels, newsletters, organisation of events (3 best practice workshops, and 2 final impact events) and presence at third-party events, training activities, and the creation of win-win synergies to enhance the scientific and economic potential and exploitation opportunities of the services, open calls, training academy, and an online forum.


Standardisation booster services

The team will provide a stimulating set of services to potential applicants of H2020 and HE projects through 3 services: automated (on the web portal,, FAQs, bot and helpdesk), proactive (on the Consortia’s initiative, one-on-one, & via events), premium (via specific requests, through eligible applications via open calls, deliver consultancy activity, aimed at bridging the EU R&I community and the standardisation experts.

Open Calls

COMMpla and Trust-IT will be supporting the organisation of five open calls from June 2022, tackling the urgencies outlined in the EU Standardisation Strategy head-on. Projects will be able to apply for direct expert support which can valorise their project results and increase their impact.

Organisation of the webinar and workshop series

The first webinar introducing all the standardisation booster services and how the community could take part in this initiative will take place in May 2022.

Bridging the R&I community (1,000+ H2020 and HE projects) and the standardisation experts, aiming to create 100+ measurable liaisons between H2020/HE projects and SDOs.

Built on an experienced consortium with expertise in the standardisation field and in delivering EC booster services, is already recruiting 250 Standardisation Experts from national, European, and international Standardisation Organisations who will provide one-on-one guidance and support to projects.

Onboarding your target communities to ensure uptake of research solutions requires a structured approach, deep analytical skills, and the design and implementation of communication and engagement plans made up of a mix of techniques and tools.

If you need to identify and build the perfect audience for your research activity and boost your community, contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

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Acknowledgements has received funding from the EU’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no. 101058391.