Brief description

MAX (MAterials design at the eXascale) is a European Centre of Excellence which enables materials modelling, simulations, discovery and design at the frontiers of the current and future High Performance Computing (HPC), High Throughput Computing (HTC) and data analytics technologies.

Our goals will be achieved by:

  • Bringing the most successful and widely used open-source, community codes in quantum simulations of materials towards exascale and extreme scaling performance;
  • Enabling the convergence of high-performance and high-throughput computing with high-performance data analytics in the materials domain;
  • Co-designing activities to ensure that future HPC architectures are well suited to materials domain applications and vice versa;
  • Widening the access to codes and engaging academic and industrial communities, by providing workflows and turn-key solutions and also training for a broader and different pool of users and developers. MAX is proud to contribute to the long term EuroHPC strategy and community.
Dec 2018 to Nov 2021 Ongoing
HPC - High-Performance Computing

Our role

Trust-IT leads Work Package 9 “Engagement, Communication, Dissemination and Uptake” managing Communication and Outreach and ensuring coordinated dissemination of its results, providing appropriate visibility to and addressing all MaX stakeholder groups.

These goals are achieved by providing full-stack support from the development of the communication and dissemination strategy published in the D9.1 MaX Communication and Dissemination Plan, to its implementation through website and social media, the organisation of workshops and webinars and the production of communication materials.

One of the key achievements was the launch of the improved MaX website with fresh branding identity and enhanced user experience (UX), clear structure of content and new features highlighting the MaX assets: codes, software, services and training.

Trust-IT organised in 2020 series of webinars featuring the most recent developments in the MaX flagship codes. The recording and presentations of these successful webinars (more than 500 participants) are available here. See MaX events for the upcoming webinar announcements.

MaX and Trust-IT also published a video showing how MaX is creating a wide range of ready-to-use open source solutions with multiple services for their existing and prospective users from science to industry, starting from fundamental physics, model approximations and computational algorithms. See the video here.


The MaX CoE project has achieved the following results to date:
  • +73% Website visitors YoY
  • 1650+ Followers on social media (Twitter/LinkedIn)
  • 900+ Participants from 66 countries to the MaX flagship webinars
  • 100+ Downloads of the MaX webinar booklet in Q3 2021

Onboarding your target communities to ensure uptake of research solutions requires a structured approach, deep analytical skills and the design and implementation of communication and engagement plans made up of a mix of techniques and tools.

If you need to identify and build the perfect audience for your research activity and boost your community, contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

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MaX receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 824143.