Brief description

PolicyCloud aims at delivering an integrated cloud-based environment for data-driven policy management. The environment will provide decision support to public authorities for policy modelling, implementation and simulation through identified populations, as well as for policy enforcement and adaptation. 

PolicyCloud technologies will aim at optimizing policies across sectors by utilizing the analysed inter-linked datasets and assessing the impact of policies, while considering different properties (i.e. area, regional, local, national) and population segmentations, in order to ensure high impact of the proposed policies.

The PolicyCloud environment will realize an introduced holistic methodology for policies modelling and management based on data artefacts, while also providing a toolkit allowing both stakeholders and engaged citizens to create policies by exploiting PolicyCLOUD models and analytical tools on various datasets, contexts and policy models. Moreover, the toolkit will allow stakeholders to specify their requirements and parameters to be considered during the collection and analysis of different datasets, thus tailoring policy making.

Core to the environment will be the creation of interoperable and reusable models and analytical tools that will use data and analytical capacity offered by cloud environments.


Jan 2020 to Dec 2022
Cloud Strategies
Policy & Analysis
Research Data Infrastructures

Our role

Trust-IT coordinates Work Package 7 “Communication, Exploitation, Standardisation, Roadmapping & Business Development”, particularly leading two of its tasks, including the creation of the project’s visual identity and promotional materials such as flyers and posters, as well as the management of PolicyCLOUD’s website and social media channels. Trust-IT also contributes to Work Packages 5 “Cross-sector Policy Lifecycle Management” and 2 “Requirements, Architecture & Innovation”.


PolicyCLOUD has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 870675