Brief description

To address the need fot ICT Standardisation, through a Standard Watch, analyses and monitors the international ICT standards landscape and liaises with Standards Development Organisations (SDOs), Standard Setting Organisations (SSOs), key organisations such as the EU Multistakeholder Platform for ICT Standardisation as well as industry-led groups, to pinpoint gaps and priorities matching EU DSM objectives. provides a Go-To-Platform for the Open Call applications and evaluation, support prioritization of standardisation activities, and builds a community of Standardisation experts to support knowledge exchange, and reinforce European presence in the international ICT standardisation.


Jan 2018 to Jan 2020
Big Data
Cybersecurity & Privacy
Data Management
ICT Standards
Policy & Analysis

Our role

Trust-IT brings its expertise, by having the lead of the following activities: Project coordination, management and external experts, Management of the open call for participation in SDO activities , and Communication, open call promotion and impact.
These activites, consist of:
1) Project coordination, management and external experts  = Project management ensures and monitors project planning and progress, ensuring regular communication between partners and that they are fully informed about the status of the different activities that are underway.
2) Management of the open call for participation in SDO activities =
- Publish the open-call processes and procedures Communicate the process.
- Launch and promote the calls and organise the evaluation of applications following the planned timetable. 
- Manage the open call process to the highest of standards.
- Effective, transparent and streamlined allocation of the 1.4M€ funding to specialists.
- Balanced coverage of the standardisation priority areas.
3) Communication, open call promotion and impact = Eensures the following:
- Global recognition that is the Go to Platform to understand how Europe influences ICT standards efforts.
- Create awareness on the advantages of adopting ICT standards.
- Build strong motivation to businesses and SMEs, in addition to researchers to contribute actively in the shaping of ICT standards.
- Provide input and feedback during the development and evolution phases.
- Deliver the platform.
- Provide global visibility of the benefits worldwide.

Trust-IT also participates in the activities of prioritisation of global standards for EU.


StandICT has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No780439