Group description

CUREX, SPHINX and PANACEA are three projects that have collaborated on a series of joint dissemination activities with the support of the EC’s Horizon Results Booster. The projects address different but complementary areas of cybersecurity privacy and data protection related to healthcare.  Leveraging their research outcomes, the H2020 projects focus on important aspects identified within healthcare that bring forward the need for regulatory interventions, technological solutions and methods to influence human and organisational factors.

Our role

In HRB Module B, HRB Team created a joint flyer and video pill as part of their standard service offerings. These materials provide consistent messaging for dissemination through various channels, including events, websites and social media. A unified visual identity, complete with a common logo and slogan, was also provided to establish recognition and maintain a cohesive appearance throughout communication platforms for the PG.

HRB Team supported the PG in the organisation of a joint online webinar entitled “Cyber fortification in Healthcare against hybrid threats” which was held on 31 March 2022. The event focused on how the solutions developed by the projects can help identify ongoing cyber-attacks and respond with vulnerability and risk assessments. Practical examples were given on how these tools and solutions can help healthcare organizations improve their cybersecurity posture.

Support for the online event was provided through the following actions:

  • Support on agenda definition and speaker recruitment.
  • Set up registration forms with customised questions and Zoom.
  • Publication of event announcement on
  • Creation of visuals to promote the event (i.e. promotional banners, Twitter cards etc.)
  • Promotion through channels and direct emails campaign.
  • Moderation and technical support during the event.

As a follow-up to the online event, the HRB Team supported the creation and design of a joint Policy Brief which include a set of key challenges for the healthcare sector in terms of overall culture and awareness, deployment of technology and devices as well as sector-specificities such as regulations, compliance and complexity of the different actors involved and have responded to these providing a set of recommendations targeting regulatory, technological and non-technical and organisational aspects. 

Support to the joint Policy Brief was provided through the following actions:

  • Copywriting and editing.
  • Visual design and layout.
  • Support in identifying relevant policy initiatives where to disseminate the document.
  • Promotion through dedicated newsletters.


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