Brief description

OBELICS (OBservatory E-environments LInked by common ChallengeS) is enabling interoperability and software re-use for the data generation, integration and analysis of the ASTERICS ESFRI and pathfinder facilities. OBELICS is creating an open innovation environment for establishing open standards and software libraries for multi-wavelength/multi-messenger data. OBELICS is also developing common solutions for streaming data processing and extremely large databases, as well as studying advanced analysis algorithms and software frameworks for data processing and quality control.

Sep 2017 to Apr 2019
Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation
Digital Marketing & Communication
Graphics & Promotion

Our role

Trust-IT brings its expertise, in the activities of dissemination and communication of the OBELICS strategy to market, and in promoting OBELICS excellence to the astrophysics community, to other research communities and to the public.
Trust-IT implements and develops the OBELICS Software and Service Repository: a unique entry point supporting the Astrophysics & Astroparticle community through re-use of open source software and integration frameworks. 

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ASTERICS is a project supported by the European Commission Framework Programme Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation action under grant agreement n. 653477