EU Brazil Cloud Connect

Brief description

EU Brazil Cloud Connect, an international co-operation initiative, accelerated scientific discovery to advance knowledge on several challenges of high social impact. By creating a joint cloud infrastructure, EU Brazil Cloud Connect enabled multi-disciplinary user communities to co-operate across borders and tackle the challenges of neglected diseases (Leishmaniasis), cardiovascular disease, biodiversity and climate change. These diseases have devastating affects, especially on the poorest of the poor. A common goal for the European Union and Brazil is the creation of a healthier environment for all citizens. EU Brazil Cloud Connect has also launched Cloudscape Brazil, building on the highly successful Cloudscape workshop series in Europe. This is was an important opportunity to connect cloud service providers, innovative entrepreneurs supported by Start-up Brasil and Start-up Europe, initiatives enabling both scientific breakthroughs and the creation of new data products and services. Another key focus area is demonstrating the efficiency and cost effectiveness of new resources and tools and how they can be taken to market. The Software Development Kit (SDK) can help developers create new applications. This is also an opportunity for ICT-savvy entrepreneurs to take new products to market and be part of the next wave of innovation.

Oct 2013 to Jan 2016
Cloud Strategies
International Cooperation & Networking
Policy & Analysis

Our role

Trust-IT leads communication, mobility programme and community building, including strategic planning and impact assessment activities. Trust-IT also leads the strategy for exploitation and sustainability to create new business models, supporting the implementation as well and testing of standards to make the cloud infrastructure interoperable across different systems and borders.

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On the European side, EU Brazil Cloud Connect received funding from the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme Grant Agreement 614048.