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Helix Nebula - The Science Cloud

Brief description

Helix Nebula is the pioneering partnership between big science and big business in Europe that charts the course towards the sustainable provision of cloud computing - the Science Cloud. The project aimed to pave the way for the development and exploitation of a Cloud Computing Infrastructure, initially based on the needs of European IT-intense scientific research organisations, while also allowing the inclusion of other stakeholders’ needs (governments, businesses and citizens).

Our role

Trust-IT developed the Communication and Dissemination Strategy Plan for the Helix Nebula - The Science Cloud project and supported the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) to implement the related activites. Trust-IT was also responsible for the delivery of a one year engagement plan to ensure the involvement of the key stakeholders in the initiative.

Among various promotional activities, Trust-IT created the concept, storyboard and produced the "Helix Nebula Marketplace a step towards federated Information as a Service" video.

Duration and funding

May 2012 to May 2014


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