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CloudWATCH - A European cloud observatory supporting cloud policies, standard profiles & services

Brief description

CloudWATCH builds on a decade of collaborative peer work in Europe, bringing considerable expertise in standards development, implementation and interoperability testing. CloudWATCH supports global interoperability by engaging in a multi-stakeholder dialogue to promote best practices on interoperable clouds and to build common standards profiles from use case analysis. CloudWATCH helps drive awareness and adoption of cloud computing in Europe, supporting the European digital market. It provides independent and practical information, helping users in all sectors understand and evaluate the benefits of cloud computing. Through, CloudWATCH will also ensure a sustainable platform for assets coming from EU investments in R&D. The service ecosystem approach will promote open-source, interoperable services resulting from European initiatives, helping to transform the way they typically communicate their R&D.

Our role

We coordinate the CloudWATCH project and spearhead dissemination and outreach activities activities creating a strong stakeholder community who contribute actively to achieving project goals. We are also responsible for designing, evolving and delivering dynamic and pragmatic Concertation meetings for the European Commission’s (EC) Software and services unit and all participating projects. Through these activities, we author reports which shape the future areas of research in software engineering, cloud computing and open source software for the EC. We are also playing a key role in facilitating clustering and convergence between projects around key research areas.

Duration and funding

Sep 2013 to Aug 2015


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