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GRDI2020 - Towards a 10-Year Vision for Global Research Data Infrastructures

Brief description

GRDI2020 was a Coordinated Action funded by the GÉANT and e-Infrastructures Unit of DG CONNECT, European Commission. GRDI2020 produced a roadmap to facilitate the development of next-generation global data research infrastructures that are needed to support a broad set of communities for enhanced knowledge generation and to address grand global challenges more effectively. It did this by bringing together experts with a proven track record in developing complex information infrastructures. This cross-fertilisation ensured research data infrastructures bring the best of both worlds to enhance data intensive and interdisciplinary research and international co-operation.

Our role

Trust-IT coordinated GRDI2020 and led all the dissemination and communication activities connecting innovators from enterprise, government and research in Europe and globally to drive technology developments in a variety of different fields, such as Data Infrastructures, Digital Libraries, and service-oriented technologies. GRDI2020 connected and engaged with current and new data research communities worldwide by providing an ecosystem for knowledge exchange through a set of targeted communication activities and a community-focused, interactive website. GRDI2020 built on international networks and value-add synergies formed through GRL2020 (Global Research Library 2020) workshops in US, Europe and Asia which served as the foundation for GRDI2020. Trust-IT also supported the production and promotion of the Riding the Wave: How Europe can gain from the rising tide of scientific data final report of the High Level Expert Group on Scientific Data, October 2010.

Duration and funding

Jan 2010 to Dec 2011

GRDI2010 project was funded by the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (2007-2013) under Grant Agreement RI-246682


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