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RDA - The Research Data Alliance

Brief description

The Research Data Alliance's vision is of researchers and innovators openly sharing data across technologies, disciplines, and countries to address the grand challenges of society. RDA's mission is to build the social and technical bridges that enable data sharing. These are accomplished through the creation, adoption and use of the social, organizational, and technical infrastructure needed to reduce barriers to data sharing and exchange. In little over 18 months since its launch (March 2013) the alliance boasts over 2,500 individual members, experts from over 96 countries in various different fields, joining forces to solve many of the data challenges that exist today. These experts work together, in a self-forming and completely voluntary manner, on problems ranging from how to address scientific community needs of utilizing big volumes of data, to issues related to data importance for the development of global agriculture, to promoting & sustaining wheat data sharing, reusability and operability to the development of a common global framework for the management of marine data.

Our role

RDA Europe – – the European plug-in to RDA promotes and supports the participation of European data practitioners in RDA. Trust-IT (since 1st Oct 2014) coordinates RDA Europe and leads the communications and outreach and has developed the pan European engagement strategy. The RDA Europe web site has been designed, developed, implemented and is maintained by Trust-IT. The RDA Global collaborative web platform - designed, impemented and managed by Trust-IT, is a drupal based web site for RDA members to cooperate across geographical and disciplinary boundaries. The web platform includes a series of complex content management and workflow modules to all a scalable and long term repository for all RDA content.

Duration and funding

Sep 2012 to Mar 2016

European Commission, 7th Framework Programme, INFRA-2012-3.2, Grant agreement no: 312424 & FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2013-2 Grant agreement no: 632756


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